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There was no expiration date on Erin's 2003-2007 oath of office
and she has continued to Protect and Serve...

    -- Respecting your property
    -- Guarding your tax dollars
    -- Focused on protecting your family's financial future

Resident's Opinion of Erin

Links to Questionnaires 2014

"I believe and know you are a fantastic political leader, don't ever stop continuing your political career. I am a young voter, and be sure to know that you have my vote the next time you choose to run for election."    

email from A.C
. 1/2/2014


St. Clair Shores - Meet the Candidate Town Hall Meeting
(Erin Stahl was the only Candidate for Executive to show up)
profile sent


"We have never met but I am appreciative of your advocacy on behalf of the residents of Saint Clair Shores....Thank you for all you have done for the residents of Saint Clair Shores.  I know you get a lot of opposition but those of us who aren't able to fight for our rights appreciate your loyalty to keeping Saint Clair Shores a prime area to live..."    [This resident asked Erin's advice about a "messy" neighbor]

e-mail from 58-year homeowner in SCS 6/16/2014

League of Women Voters  www.VOTE411.org   profile sent
(only Stahl & Novak responded -- not Hackel or Shafer)

www.MLive.com   Direct Link      profile sent
(only Stahl & Novak responded -- not Hackel or Shafer)


"My mom said to tell you, she is so pleased you are running in Macomb County because she hasn't been able to vote for you since they moved out of St. Clair Shores...you were the only one that had guts and brains in the whole bunch." 

FaceBook message from SCS resident 7/19/14

Just got my ballot in the mail you got my vote."
email from D.K. 7/7/2014

C&G News 
profile sent
(Shafer did not respond)
They didn't print my website & phone

Journal (Mt.Clemens-Clinton-Harrison)
Warren Weekly
Eastsider (Roseville-Eastpointe)
News (Shelby-Utica)
Chronicle (Fraser-Clinton Township)
Sentinel (St. Clair Shores)
Chronicle (Macomb Township)
Sentry (Sterling Heights)


Macomb Daily
profile sent
(Shafer did not respond)
Is Chad really giving an objective report?

e-mail sent     article
Is it any wonder why people don't run?
see the biased nastiness below...

e-mail sent     article


"I've been doing a little "googling" about St. Clair Shores and I found your name and website.  You seem to be a person who is not afraid to stand up against things you feel are wrong and have your voice heard."             email re: issue with city employee  4/25/12

Detroit News 
profile sent  article

Romeo Observer  profile sent  article

Detroit Free Press  

SCS Connection  email


Interview with Detroit Free Press 
email     article
(it is hard to believe we were at the same meeting based on their article)

Interview with MEA  
AFSCME -- couldn't attend  

Response to Right to Life Questionnaire  





"I believe that the media, special interest groups, and certain people of
power and influence do not want me in office because they would not be
able to get away with lining their pockets with your hard earned money. 
I would give everyone the "Big Picture" financial view which would drastically
change the way government and special interest groups operated.

 Even though I am just looking at our long-term financial future, they are afraid
of me and their loss of power, so they have to TRY to convince you that I am bad,
incapable, or unqualified or even that I don't know the facts. 
Feel free to call me and talk to me about any issue:  (586) 774.8181. 

I will tell you the truth...even if it might be hard to swallow.
Your family and our communities are worth it." 

Erin Stahl 7/14/2014 



"Before, during, and after being on St. Clair Shores City Council, when speaking sometimes I agreed with the Mayor and Council, and sometimes I didn't. But, I have always spoken and have voted - according to what I believe is best for our city, without regard to personal friendships or alliances. Even those who disagree with me, I'm sure have respected this about me. I have always tried to be "the voice of the residents" while speaking at the city council meetings. If that sometimes means I am unpopular to a few, then so be it."      --Erin Stahl  2010

Links to Useful Sites:

State of Michigan Website
Macomb County Website
City of St Clair Shores
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
STRAW  (Shores Taxpayers & Residents Against Waste)
St. Clair Shores Women's Civic League




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